Zim Game Developers’ Profiles: Henrix Bradley Moyo

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Drawing some of his inspiration from Tore Olsson, a history professor from the University of Tennesse who is using a game to teach a history class,  Henrix Bradley Moyo wishes for his game, Ithemba to be used in schools to educate people on climate change. Henrix believes that it is easier to teach complex subjects in a fun and relaxed way.

Henrix Bradley Moyo has noted how people enjoy playing games that teach about Russian history, American history, world war, civil wars, etc. He then decided to work with ShiftSpace to develop a game that would educate gamers on reforestation and the dangers of illegal mining. Bradley believes that games tell a story that is easier to understand. The game Ithemba: the Last Hope seeks to educate everyone on reforestation.  One of the goals of this game is to be used in schools especially for children to understand the issue. He gave an example of a university in America that is teaching history using a game called Radiate Redemption.

The twenty-three-year-old and his team are currently working on a marketing strategy in order for this game to produce revenue for them. They are also looking forward to the game gaining popularity not only in Zimbabwe but internationally.

Bradley aspires to develop more games that tell an African story. Games that are relevant to the African child and talk about our African history. The history of Queen Lozikeyi, Tshaka, Monomotapa, and anything to do with the African heritage. He wishes to revive the African Culture through games. 

Bradley believes that with sponsorships and funding more developers would produce better results. The lack of capital forces developers to give up and look for jobs that put food on the table.

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