Zim Game developers’ Profiles: Ronald Dube

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Ronald Dube is a 26-year-old game developer from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Ronald is currently developing a game called Ojeku which he started working on after he entered the Techvillage gaming competition in 2018.  

Ojeku is an endless runner type of game which according to Ronald is, “a rip off of temple run.” The game is built for young Africans. Ronald is currently working on changing the name of the game, modifying the game, and a marketing strategy for the game to be available on the market. 

Ro7n as he is affectionately known is a graphic designer by profession who specializes in digital marketing. Ronald discovered his eye for developing games when he was a young boy who used to make games out of anything he would get his hands on. When the opportunity at Techvillage came in 2018, he decided to challenge himself. 

Ronald is convinced that developing games is lucrative in Zimbabwe because games make money through purchases such as characters, coins, and lives. Once people appreciate the game,  they are bound to make purchases. Ronald thinks that if people learn more about the gaming industry, they will appreciate it more, which will help the business to be lucrative in Zimbabwe just like overseas. 

The future of game development in Zimbabwe is bright according to Ronald, as long as there is space for developers to meet, share ideas, inspire, support, and mentor each other. 

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