Zim Game Developers’ Profiles: Kudakwashe Muchirahondo

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Kudakwashe Muchirahondo works as a  freelance developer, graphic designer, 3D animator. His multiple talents have helped him develop his game Epic Tale RPG, a cooking game for pre-teens to adults. The game is based in a fantasy world, with the player touring that world looking for new recipes to try. He built this game for PC and at the time of writing, he’s still developing it.

Game development is an aspect of his career that Kudakwashe began in his mid-30s, after studying graphic design at a polytechnical college. Even though he’s proud of his progress, he has faced challenges in developing Epic Tales, a game he started developing in 2020, but because of internet access challenges, it has taken him more than a year to build his game.

Kudakwashe states the high price of the internet, as one of the challenges he constantly faces as a developer in Zimbabwe. Another challenge he feels many developers face is having to build games that are online-based because casual gamers, the significant portion of their market, don’t have devices with enough capacity to store games on the PC or smartphone itself. Speaking of PCs, gaming laptops and desktops are often expensive and above the price range of the regular casual gamer in Zimbabwe. This forces developers to build games that cater to their market, in this case, online games.

The game, Epic tales, is available on Steam and you pay a once-off fee to access it. Kudakwashe’s main aim at the present moment is to have the game featured at e-sports tournaments for wider reach and better revenue from the game.

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