Introducing Consult Learning Week

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To survive in this ever-changing world of work, it’s important to continuously improve yourself and upskill. A great way to do this is to participate in learning weeks. Village Consult has launched the Consult Learning Week. This is a four-part online series that teaches professionals how to apply research and data principles in the workplace. Entrepreneurs, students, and working professionals are invited to sign up for this 4 part online series that will look at digital trends.

Village Consult is a hub that leverages data and research to create tailor-made solutions for businesses. They have identified knowledge and skills gaps within the research and information management space. Venture Nation caught up with Blessing Ngwenya, the lead research analyst at Village Consult. He shared that there is a huge gap between the local digital marketing space and international industry standards.

“We want to raise the bar in the skill level of researchers. It’s important to educate businesses on knowledge management. We need to show how various business entities can leverage on correct practices for sustainable solutions.”

“So as Village Consult one of our main aims is to grow these skills and aid in the development of a network and a community in each of these spaces. This is just the first step in enabling and empowering people in the community.”

The classes will begin on the 7th of December 2020

Here are the courses on offer for the Consult Learning Week:
  • Principles of Research. This course is particularly for those in academia; undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. students. This is a crash course on how to conduct successful research projects for an extremely high level of quality. To sign up for this course, click here.
  1. Sustaining businesses, post covid-19 through knowledge sharing practices. You may find this course particularly interesting if you are in operations or management. It involves the management of organisational knowledge assets and translating them into profit.
  2. A cost-benefit analysis of digital records. This entails defining digital records from a production and cost management perspective. Aimed mainly at information and record managers, this course will look at the exploitation of business records for profit realisation. Register for this class here
  3. Leveraging research for business sustainability. This course will offer a functional definition of business research. You will learn how to use business research to discover potential markets. In addition to discovering suitable ICT tools for business research, you will learn how to exploit business records as sources of research. This course is for business research specialists, marketing specialists, product development teams, and entrepreneurs. Register for this class here.
  4. Data and Digital Marketing. The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge about the advantages of the digital marketing space. You will develop a digital marketing plan and learn how to leverage data and analytics to succeed in the current digital environment. It is a 12 part online course for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and social media managers. Register for this class here.
About Village Consult

Village Consult is a consultancy that seeks to improve business operations through active collaborations and problem-oriented research solutions. Their services include market analysis, product development, competitor analysis, business intelligence solutions, and business process modeling.

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