Zimbabwe Game Developers’ Profiles: Tinovimba Mawoyo

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When he’s not working at his full-time job as a software engineer at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, Tinovimba Mawoyo builds mobile games. The young developer started playing as a hobby, then eventually taught himself how to make mobile applications/games, started making puzzle games, educational games. 

Eventually, Tinovimaba developed Super Java, an adventure game, inspired by Super Mario, packed with catchy local songs. Although he’s developed two other games, Super Java is the only game he felt was good enough, by his standards, to publish on Google Play Store. At the time of writing the game is still in Beta mode, because Tino is still developing it, but it has over 100 downloads.

Even though the game is monetized with a single ad, that isn’t the developer’s main focus yet, as he wants to improve his game, get more people to share and talk about it and ultimately play it. He’s been accused by his beta players for making the levels too difficult but promises those are some of the aspects he is working on correcting in the game.

Whilst making mobile games is something he enjoys, Tinovimba doesn’t want to stop there. Funds allowing, he plans to venture into developing PC and console games. This developer wants to make a game that will make a big impact in the world and put his country on the gaming industry map. A chance to work for a large game development company is something he hopes is on the cards for him.

The biggest challenge the gaming community in Zimbabwe faces, in his experience, is the lack of tools and collaboration. Game development tools are multiple and expensive and the majority of developers can’t afford to pay licenses for tools such as Unity and BuildBox which are essential to building fabulous games. Without these, the process becomes longer, more difficult and the product is not quite as polished.

You can easily get in touch with Tinovimba on LinkedIn.

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